Planctonid Atlantic®

The pilot unit
is located in Montoir-de-Bretagne


Yara France operates a fertilizer plant at the Montoir de Bretagne site and is looking to improve the quality of its discharged effluents. For this purpose, Planctonid Atlantic, a joint venture between Planctonid and Yara France, was created in June 2020 to implement a 250 m3 per day microalgal water treatment solution.

The pilot unit has been successfully developed producing encouraging results. The results of this first phase are extremely positive and exceed expectations. The process manages to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus concentration levels by 97% and 72% respectively in less than 24 hours, while maintaining a high biomass productivity. It demonstrates its flexibility and biological robustness by successfully treating input water with changing levels of phosphorus and nitrogen concentration. Preliminary analyses of the biomass produced are very promising. They suggest a significant economic potential, especially for applications in the field of biostimulants.


From an environmental point of view

  • CO2 sequestration: each ton of microalgae biomass produced consumes 1.8 tons of CO2
  • The potential production of biostimulant opens up the prospect of a circular and virtuous economy.

Thanks to a high-yield microalgae production technology, the solution developed by Planctonid makes it possible to effectively treat effluents that are heavily laden with nitrogen and phosphorus and to produce a valuable biomass. The microalgae consume the nitrogen and phosphorus from the effluents as well as the CO2, and produce by photosynthesis a valuable biomass rich in proteins and essential amino acids. The biomass produced in turn finds potential outlets in animal feed, green chemistry and biostimulants and thus opens up prospects for circular and virtuous economies.

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