Engineering and construction

Engineering partnership for the construction of the final unit

Egis, in close collaboration with Planctonid, is working on the project to consolidate the overall installation that will be implemented following the pilot: regulations, process optimization for future biomass valorization, construction cost control and operating cost optimization.


A shared commitment to promoting circular solutions

The preservation of our resources, our environment and our health are the major challenges facing our society. The solution developed by Planctonid with the support of Egis responds to strong issues, particularly in terms of environmental protection :

  • Fight against the imbalance of marine, coastal and inland waters: biological purification of industrial and urban waters, tertiary treatments (elimination of ammonia nitrogen, nitric and nitrous compounds and phosphorus).
  • Fight against greenhouse gases: each ton of microalgae biomass produced consumes 1.8 tons of CO2.

By partnering with Planctonid, Egis is committed to promoting innovative biological solutions to foster a circular economy through a fully integrated approach to the issues faced by its clients.

The Group Egis

Egis is an international player in construction engineering and mobility services. It creates and operates intelligent infrastructures and buildings capable of responding to the climate emergency and the major challenges of our time, by enabling more balanced, sustainable and resilient regional development.

A 75% subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and 25% owned by partner managers and employees, Egis puts all its expertise at the service of local authorities and makes cutting-edge innovation available to all projects, at every stage of their life cycle: consulting, engineering and operation.

Through the diversity of its fields of intervention, Egis is a key player in the collective organisation of society and the living environment of its inhabitants throughout the world. 
1.22 billion in revenue managed in 2019 15,800 employees