Assets and productivity

Advantages of the technology

Proprietary technology with optimal design of each photo bioreactor according to the objectives pursued :

  • Better availability of light and acceleration of photosynthesis
  • Thermal and climatic regime of the selected area.
  • Resistance to environmental conditions.

Automation, artificial intelligence & data analytics to improve practices, support decision making & reduce variability :

  • Optimized to enhance performance
  • Modular and stackable design for space optimization
  • Adaptable to any vertical surface, walls and facades
  • Seismic and weatherproof design
  • Operates with natural, artificial or mixed lighting

Technology with exceptional productivity on an industrial scale :

  • Microalgae reproduction cycle between 6 and 12 hours with acceleration of the photosynthesis phenomenon
  • Operation 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Optimization of CO2 immobilization and algal biomass production

Expertise in marine biology and in the culture of microalgae :

  • Choice of species according to the quality of the water to be treated and the objectives of valorization of the microalgal biomass
  • Associations of strains to answer complex problems
  • Expertise of culture for sensitive strains

Numerous outlets and high value-added applications for biomass :

  • Bio fertilizers and bio stimulants
  • Human and animal food (biomass rich in vegetable proteins, fatty acids, DHA…)
  • Bio plastics, bio fuels, green energy
  • Neutraceuticals (elements for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)

Technology productivity

Planktonid technology improves large-scale microalgal biomass productivity with some of the highest ratios in the industry.

Productivity of Planktonid® microalgae

Operations : 365 days / year
Production : 3g / liter / day

Microalgae producers at the cutting edge

Operations: 200 days / year max
Production: 0.6 g / liter / day max